Frequently Asked Questions

Gayle’s experience with faculty presenting with difficulty writing, starting or finishing a project and with many competing priorities in the academy. By asking questions, we can discern what the presenting issue is and assist with problem solving.

1) How do I ‘scale up’ my research? 
With careful planning, staff and funding. If you are coming back from a prolonged absence, you need to pace yourself and your work, we can show you how. 
2) how do I ‘scale down’ my research? 
If retiring, we can help with planning that leaves your research activity functioning after you retire. If your life has otherwise shifted (with ability, for example) we can help you shift your priorities. 
3) How do I mentor Teaching or Research Assistants? 
Carefully! We have many tips to help you figure that out, we can do a one-on-one consultation or a workshop for your team. 
4) Where do I find research funding? 
In the usual places (Tri Agency) or unusual places (foundations, charities, municipal or provincial governments) …We can help! 
5) How do I manage when my life has changed? 
Death, birth, a move, marriage or dissolution of a marriage, care-giving of parents or disabled persons all play a role in your ability to do your work. With careful consideration, we can help you determine what you need. Note: Always contact your human resources department first and foremost, to let them know what is happening in your life. 
6) What is it that your team can offer me? 
We offer a range of services, research planning, grants editing, assisting with large capacity grants writing, assisting you with research finances, advice on promotions packaging; just ask, we will either do it for you or find someone who can. 
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