Editing with Elementor

10min tutorial on using WordPress Elementor editor



WordPress and plugins are always updating, its best practice to backup the entire website files and database prior to updating or installing new plugins, not doing so can easily crash the whole site and require a restore from an older outdated version. Updates or plugin installations can typically be done with 2 hr labour @ $40/hr (backup entire site, install/update, test and configure), a annual backup and update is recommended for general maintenance.

Update Email Password for Form

If you update the password for the email in the future this is where the password should be updated in wordpress:
WP Main SMTP->Settings->scroll to bottom, enter password, Save . Then scroll to the top and click ‘Email Test’, this can send a test email to confirm everything is working.

Footer – number of columns:
You can change the footer from 4 to 3 columns here:
Customize->Footer->Footer Widgets->Widgets style: select 3 or 4 column

Footer – text
Appearance->Customize->Widgets->Footer one/two/three
Create a new page
Pages->All pages->select any page ‘EA Duplicator’, rename (‘Quick Edit’, name and slug) and edit page as desired, make sure you dont edit the original by mistake, use published date to distinguish new copy
Editing with Elementor
Update Menu
Appearance->Menu: select Page->Click ‘Add to Menu’; button->drag into position on menu, Save
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